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We are a company that designs and manufactures non-existent parts on the market for your parts replacement needs, repair, improvement ect ...

Thekkiinngg Prusa MK3 /S Double-Sided Textured Pei Powder-Coated Sheet V4

Example of our greatest success

Thekkiinngg Mk3 textured Plate V4

'' After having issues with my textured stock pei sheet using PLA, I tried this and it was the best decision I could have made. The textured surface is flat so you have a great print surface similar to a "knock down" ceiling texture. I am a happy customer and will continue to use this and buy more in the future ''

'' Phenomenal. Tall prints with little surface area stick, wide prints with tons of surface area stick, PLA sticks, PETG sticks, and there's a nice texture on the bottom of prints.
Why hasn't Prusa themselves bought this company or their tech yet ?


Thekkiinngg Tonneau Cover Parts Clamp Handle Grip Repair Broken Bracket Complete Kit

THEKKIINNGG 3d Printed ! Tonneau Cover Replacement Parts . Do you have a broken your tonneau cover braket or Handle worn-out component on your dodge Ram tonneau cover ? Thekkiinngg offers a service parts to keep your tonneau operating properly. These replacement part are specifically designed for your tonneau cover to keep it in top working condition .


THEKKIINNGG et Dessin Water Mod Emergency Water Landing Compatible with DJI Mavic Pro 2 Zoom Mavic 2 pro

EXTRA PROTECTION FOR YOUR MAVIC PRO 2 / ZOOM DRONE: Do you want to fly your DJI Mavic Air over water and film the most amazing landscapes ? Then you should install these emergency neon balls and make your drone floatable on water. In thisway, you can get the most amazing footage without worrying that your expensive drone will fall into the water if its battery runs out.

Easy cheap product... should save the drone if it has to land in the water !


Always more for you !

Product Nowhere Else!

Original Brand Name THEKKIINNGG , We Have engineer and industrial designer and we design and manufacture 3d printer Parts And drone parts ECT " , parts that DO exist nowhere on the planet !!!! BUY THE ORIGINAL THEKKIINNGG !



Smooth deal, I was a little nervous but this is actually perfect and at a reasonable cost for such a useful tool. I look forward to buying all your other Dillon accessories. Thank you. Great Job!!!


This is a well engineered product and was very easy to install. The shipping was faster than proposed so that was great.